Top 36 Weekend Destinations from Kolkata

Top 36 Weekend Destinations from Kolkata

Looking for a weekend destination from Kolkata for a little holiday? Here’s a list of the most beautiful places only within 200-300 km from the city. Whether you’re looking for a beach or a religious place, West Bengal has all of it. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, let’s take a look at where you can possibly plan a rejuvenating and memorable weekend for yourself.

Types of Weekend Destination from Kolkata

Beaches & Lakes

1.      Mandarmani

Is Goa the only beach in India you’ve been to? If yes, you’re missing out on the one just 3 hours from home. In West Bengal, this is the most happening beaches right now which can be a perfect weekend destination . Moreover, people from other states outside West Bengal have also started visiting this place. Even if you go during the peak holiday season, you’ll find a nice place to stay as there are plenty of amazing beach resorts out there.

Distance from Kolkata: 170 km

Best Time to Visit: November-April

Things to Do: Parasailing & other water sports, enjoy the waves at the Mohona Beach, swimming and party at the resort.

2.      Digha

Stretching 7 km, this is one of the widest beaches in the world and one of the most visited weekend destination in West Bengal. It’s a perfect family destination due to the numerous kinds of activities you can enjoy with the calm waters of the beach. Since the water out here is shallow, you can swim here without any fear.

Distance from Kolkata: 182.6 km

Best Time to Visit: September-March

Things to Do: Paragliding & other water sports, boating, enjoy sunrise & sunset, swim in the sea, take a walk at the beach, visit the Science Centre, visit the Snake Farm and enjoy the seafood

3.     Tajpur

If you ever take a close look at the shape of a beach, you’ll find it to be crescent-shaped. What makes this one worth a visit is an inverted-crescent shape it has instead. Moreover, this is one of the untapped and hence peaceful locations in South-West Bengal unlike Mandarmani and Digha, making it a perfect retreat if that’s what you’re seeking for.

Distance from Kolkata: 170 km

Best Time to Visit: September-March

Things to Do: Paragliding, kayaking, zorbing, rock climbing, enjoy the view of crabs & seagulls in the beach and visit nearby beaches like Mandarmani, Digha&Shankarpur

4.      Shankarpur

This place is meant for peace lovers who are in the mood of having a relaxing weekend trip from kolkata. This is a completely untapped and untouched beach close to Mandarmani. So, if you don’t like crowded beaches, you should actually go there. You have the calm waters and the clean sand all to yourself.

Distance from Kolkata: 174.6 km

Best Time to Visit: September-March

Things to Do: Enjoy a peaceful walk at the beach, photography and visit the nearby Mandarmani beach

5.      Junput

There are two ways in which you might love fish: either you love to see them or you love to eat them. Well, this place is meant for both! You might not be an early riser, but you can wake up one day to enjoy the sunrise out here. Apart from these scenic and appetizing pleasures, there are plenty of old temples nearby that you will love to visit.

Distance from Kolkata: 145 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Things to Do: Enjoy the sunrise at the beach, visit the temples of Kapalkundala, Jagannath Dev, Hatnagar & Bargabhima, visit the lighthouse in Dariapur, visit the point where Rasulpur & Ganga meet, visit the Tamralipta museum and visit Sri Ramkrishna Mission

6.      Talasari Beach

This virgin beach lies on the border of West Bengal and Odisha. Its beauty is defined by the calm water, golden sand, red carpet (formed by crabs) and a green shield consisting of palm trees, coconut trees and cashew trees. Moreover, it is secluded from the cities and crowded tourist spots like Digha and Mandarmani, making it a hide-out for you after a busy schedule.

Distance from Kolkata: 191 km

Best Time to Visit: July-March

Things to Do: Take a pleasant walk at the beach, visit the Chandanshwar temple and enjoy the seafood

7.      Bankiput

That’s another silent sea beach with golden sand and green surroundings. There are two types of people who go to beaches: one who like fun beach activities and the other who likes to enjoy the waves in the silence. This place is meant only for the second lot. In other words, it is a peaceful and relaxing weekend destination for family.

Distance from Kolkata: 157.3 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Things to Do: Watch the sunrise & sunset, photography, visit the Kapalkundala temple, the Dariyapur lighthouse and the Pethuaghat harbor

8.      Maithan

Located at the Bardhaman district, this place is known for the dam constructed on the Barakar River. This 15,712-feet long and 165-feet high dam was constructed to control floods and generates 60,000 kW of electricity.

While you need permission to take a look into this dam, you can also enjoy some boating and fishing at the 65 square kilometer lake and enjoy the view of the deer park & bird sanctuary.

Distance from Kolkata: 226 km

Best Time to Visit: October-June

Places of Attraction: The Maithan Dam, Maithan Lake, Kalyanashwari Temple, Deer Park & Bird Sanctuary

9.      Jamunadighi

A shorter alternative to a “trip” is a picnic, for which Jamunadighi has the perfect kind of pond, colorful flowers, green trees, birds and fresh air a package for perfect weekend destination. Moreover, it is close to the Bhalkimachan if you’d like to take a long tour. To sum it up, it’s the perfect one-day trip you can plan.

Distance from Kolkata: 144.1 km

Best Time to Visit: November-March

Things to Do: Fishing, bird-watching, boating and visiting the forest

Forests & Islands

10. Sundarbans

Covering an area of 10,500 square kilometer, this is the largest mangrove forest in the world. The beauty truly lies in the breathing roots on the wet silt of the coast. Apart from the mesmerizing greenery, this place is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers, spotted deer, salt water crocodiles, king cobras and Indian cobras.

You can take a boat to enjoy the safari. There are several villages nearby from where you can hire boats and view the forest from water. That is common as the tigers there are said to be man eaters. However, if you’re daring & adventurous to go inside the jungle, you will require permits.

Distance from Kolkata: 109 km

Best Time to Visit: September-March

Things to Do: Wildlife safaris, boat safari, visit the Karamjal wildlife centre and visit nearby villages & islands

11. Bakkhali

Part of the Sunderban islands, this has one of the most peaceful beaches in West Bengal. The crescent-shaped island flaunts the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. The electric cycle vans, popularly known as “Totos” will take you around if you don’t have a car. However, in such a beautiful island, I wouldn’t miss the boat rides that can take you to the nearby islands too.

Distance from Kolkata: 125.5 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Things to Do: Enjoy the sunrise & sunset, take a walk at the Bakkhali Beach, take a view from the Watch Tower, visit the Bishalakshmi Temple, visit Henry’s Island, Jambu Dweep & Farserganj Wind Park and visit the Crocodile Breeding Centre

12. Henry’s Island

Close to Bakkhali and part of the Sundarban islands, this beautiful little island is slowly gaining tourism. The golden sand, clean water and fresh air has kept the environment very serene. In fact, a beach resort is coming up there that will encourage you to stay over for a night or two. Since it is quiet and away from the city, it’s the perfect weekend retreat after a long stressful week at work.

Distance from Kolkata: 130 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Things to Do: Take a peaceful walk at the beach, swim in the sea, bird-watching, fishing, visit the watchtower and have a bonfire night

13. Fraserganj

The silver sands with little red crabs are a delight to see in this island near Bakkhali. You’ll see windmills surrounding the entire beach and colorful birds that you’ve never seen in the city. Some of these species include the chestnut-winged cuckoo, sea eagles, kingfishers and gulls.

Distance from Kolkata: 122.8 km

Best Time to Visit: July-March

Things to Do: Bird-watching, fishing and visiting nearby islands

14. Gosaba

Did you know that you can still ride for Rs 2? Yes, you read that correctly. If you go to Gosaba, they take you to the port in just Rs 2 per head! Moreover, the village transport providers are also very warm to you. I had gone there with my friends in January; believe me I had an amazing time there.

After an amazing road journey, we climbed on this surprising boat that dropped us to a port. You can hire your own private boat from there and take a look at the beautiful mangroves, cute monkeys and if you’re lucky, the famous Royal Bengal Tiger.

Distance from Kolkata: 86.9 km

Best Time to Visit: September-March

Things to Do: Boat Safari of the Sundarbans National Park and Enjoy the Sunset by the River

15. Machranga Dweep

Situated between Ichhamati and Bhasa rivers, this beautiful island is a spot for nature lovers can be a perfect weekend destination. You can view mangrove trees, different varieties of birds and the villages of Bangladesh from here. The sunset here is worth watching, though it’s advisable to leave once it’s dark. To sum it up, this is more of a picnic spot.

Distance from Kolkata: 71.9 km

Best Time to Visit: November-March

Things to Do: Boating, fishing, bird-watching, swimming and visiting the nearby places like Taki, Hansabad& Sundarbans

16.   Mousuni Island

Now if you’re the kind who loves peace and adventure both, you must go here. Along with the mesmerizing beauty, you can enjoy some paragliding, wind-surfing, diving, fishing and boating. To top it all, you’ll barely take 45-60 minutes from the city to reach this quiet and secluded island located at the south of Bengal.

Distance from Kolkata: 14.6 km

Best Time to Visit: December-Mid April

Things to Do: Fishing, boating, bird-watching, beach activities, enjoy the sunset and a peaceful stroll by the beach

17.   Bhalki Machan

Located near Bardhaman, this dense forest hasn’t been touched by man yet. Though in the times of kings, a lot of hunting did take place here, this place is still as green as earlier. Since it is being discovered lately, there’s a resort also built by the lake. In other words, this forest is for nature and history lovers.

Distance from Kolkata: 135 km

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Things to Do: Discover the historical forest, remains of an old watchtower and boating by the lake

Hills & Mountains

18.   Purulia

If Darjeeling is the only hill station you knew so far, let me introduce you to this beautiful place with beautiful, green hills. Yes, it isn’t as high as that hill station but surely there’s a lot of stuff to do out there. Not only are there picnic spots and scenic beauty of parks, lakes & streams, there are fun activities like camping, rock climbing & trekking in this fast-growing tourist spot can be a perfect weekend destination for your next trip

Distance from Kolkata: 289.5 km

Best Time to Visit: October-February

Places of Attraction: Baranti Reservoir, Ayodhya Hills, RakabForest, Doldanga, Gajaburu Hills and Surulia

19.   Bankura

Located at a height of 78 meters, this place is a fusion of holy sites, scenic beauty and adventure. For religious people out there, you have plenty of historic temples to visit which are peaceful and beautiful. For nature lovers, enjoy the streams and lush greenery of Jhilimili and Mukutmanipur. The energetic & enthusiastic trekkers can enjoy some rock climbing at Susunia Hill. In other words, this place is an all rounder!

Distance from Kolkata: 197.5 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Places of Attraction: Susunia Hill, Joyrambati, Jhilimili, Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur, Gokul Chand Temple, Jayrambati, Hadal-Narayanpur and Biharinath Hill

20.   Joychondi Pahar

Being a part of Purulia, this hill top is windy and surrounded by lakes. The plains below have scrub forests which bloom with the Palash Flowers during summer. This peaceful location is also known to be very sacred due to the Chandi Mata Temple. Pilgrims climb 520 steps to receive blessings there!

Distance from Kolkata: 263 km

Best Time to Visit: March-August

Places of Attraction: The Chandi Mata Temple, silk factories at Raghunathpur, the watchtower, Garpanchakot, the Murardi Lake, Boranti village, Susunia Hill, Biharinath Hill, Ayodhya Hills, Maithon Lake, Kalyaneshwari Temple, shooting spot of Satyajit Ray’s film “Hirak Rajar Deshe” and Panchet Lake

21.   Ayodhya Pahar

Parts of the Dalma Mountain Range and the Puluria district, these hills are a mesmerizing beauty with hidden waterfalls, surrounding lakes, colorful birds and lush greenery, a perfect weekend destinations. If you are a cultural person, you’d love to meet the tribal people in the villages nearby. Moreover, there are interesting wildlife and water bodies for nature lovers to look at.

Distance from Kolkata: 250 km

Best Time to Visit: September-March

Places of Attraction: Gorshabru, Ghagkocha Falls, Brahmani Falls, Turga Falls, Tarpania Lake, Khairaberia Lake, Upper Ayodhya Dam, Lower Ayodhya Dam, Mayur Hill, Murra Buru Hill, Charida Village and the village of Dowri Kahal

22.   Muruguma

A small tribal village located in the Ayodhya Hills in Purulia, this secluded location offers peace and tranquility after a stressful week. If you go in the winter, you can enjoy a bonfire night after a beautiful day by the lake. Make sure you go to the lake before evening and watch the sunset. In other words, you can’t afford to miss that one.

Distance from Kolkata: 335 km

Best Time to Visit: December-March

Places of Attraction: Muruguma Lake, Muruguma Dam, Kenkechi Hill, Girguri Waterfall and Ukumburra Hills

23.   Duarsini

This beautiful forest is also a part of Purulia. The different varieties of trees, the beauty of the Satgudm River, the wildlife and the tribal villages nearby will show you that the world has a lot more than the hustle-bustle of the cities. Above all, it’s a perfect retreat for you if the silence of nature is something you appreciate.

Distance from Kolkata: 393 km

Best Time to Visit: November-June

Places of Attraction: Galudi, Santhal, Munda, Shabaradh, Kheriya and Bhalo Hills

24.   Boranti

This is a beautiful village in Purulia that is surrounded by hills, lakes, and forests on all 4 sides can be a perfect weekend destination. You can come here at any time of the year to take a break from your stress-free life. However, the beauty in February is mesmerizing due to the blossom of Palash Flowers. The wildlife and colorful birds are added eye candy to this place.

Distance from Kolkata: 265 km

Best Time to Visit: July-March

Places of Attraction: Garpanchokot, Panchet Dam, Joychandi Hills, Maithon Dam, Kalyaneshwari Temple and Susunia Hills

25.   Biharinath

This is the highest hill of Bankura, surrounded by the Purulia Hills and the Damodar River. Apart from the wildlife and migratory birds, the beauty of the forest lies in beautiful flowers like Kash Phool, Shimul and Palash. In addition to that, the sunrise and sunset in these hills are a must watch.

Distance from Kolkata: 249 km

Best Time to Visit: December-March

Places of Attraction: Ledhi Hills, Sharpahari Hills, the Biharinath Dham, the Ureshwari Temple, the Binodpur Dam, the Joychandi Hills, Boranti Lake, Maithon, Panchet, Shaltora and Susunia Hills

26.   Susunia Hills

Whether you are a nature lover, a religious person or an adventurer, this place provides you with whatever you ask from a weekend Weekend destination. The beautiful hills are full of historic temples and greenery on all sides. Since it is an untapped place at a good height, you can enjoy some trekking & rock climbing too. susnia hills can be a perfect weekend destination for your next trip.

Distance from Kolkata: 203 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Places of Attraction: The Gandheswari River, the twin villages Hadal-Narayanpur, the Barataraf, Mejotaraf & Chhototaraf temples, Kansabati Dam and Silislipi

27.   Mukutmanipur

Surrounded by hills and lush green forests, this is one of the best picnic spots in West Bengal. It’s a nice family picnic spot. Also, you can come with your partner for a relaxing weekend by the lake. Some boating, bird-watching, sunrise & sunset views will make your weekend special.

Distance from Kolkata: 264 km

Best Time to Visit: October-February

Places of Attraction: Mukutmanipure dam, deer park, Kangsabati water Reservoir Lake, the Ambika Devi Temple, Rajbari, the Palace of King Raicharan, Parshanath Tila and the Statue of Pareshnath

28.   Asanbani

This beautiful town lies at the foot of Dolma Hills, surrounded by green forests. It’s a perfect weekend destination with the family where you can go sight-seeing by the lake, visit temples, take a safari by the sanctuary and explore the Chandil Dam. Furthermore, it’s pretty close to Jharkhand, making it possible for you to extend your trip to Ranchi.

Distance from Kolkata: 226.4 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Places of Attraction: Chandil dam, Dolma wildlife sanctuary, Jayda temple, Jubilee Park, Dimna Lake and Sai Baba Temple

Historic, Religious & Cultural Places

29.   Shantiniketan

If you’re interested to know anything about the state of West Bengal, paying visit to the birth place of Rabindra Nath Tagore is a must. It is an excellent place if you have interest in art and literature. Being one of the most culturally rich places in West Bengal, I believe every citizen living in the state should visit at least once. Even if you’re looking for a relaxing  weekend destination , you’ll surely love being here.

Distance from Kolkata: 160 km

Best Time to Visit: November-February

Places of Attraction: Taru Sang, Upasna Bhavan, Tagore Museum, Amar Kutir, the Buddha Statue, Wood House Museum, Khuai Bao, Deer Park, Vishvabharti University, Anand Pathshala, Teen Pahaad, Kala Bhavan, Shanti Dev Ghosh’s House, Rang Ghar

30.   Mayapur

If you’re a Hindu and seeking for inner peace, this religious spot is perfect for you. Dive deep into the pious atmosphere of the ISKCON temple here. Intake of the holy food and water, worship of the Gods and a night’s stay is said to be very auspicious.

Mayapur is a part of the 9 islands of Nagadwip. It has the river Hooghly flowing on one side and river Jalangi on the other. All these add to the beauty of the place, thus bringing immense tranquility to the mind and soul. consider this place for your next can be a perfect weekend trip from kolkata.

Distance from Kolkata: 132 km

Best Time to Visit:November – February

Things to Do:Visit the ISKCON Temple; check out the Ballal Mound and the Tomb of Chand Kazi.

31.   Bandel

While Mayapur is a place largely for Hindus, Bandel is a heritage for all religious backgrounds for its famous church and the grand Emambara. Every structure that you see here is really old. Moreover, you can even buy souvenirs from the Church. You love Park Street during Christmas, don’t you? Go to Bandel this time, I’m sure you’ll be mesmerized.

Distance from Kolkata: 53.1 km

Best Time to Visit:November-February

Places of Attraction: Bandel Church, The Bell Tower, The Hooghly Emambara, The Chinsura Dutch Cemetery, Traditional Hindu Temples

32.   Bishnupur

Famous for its art and architecture, this place was once upon a time ruled by the Malla dynasty. Apart from the beautiful brick temples, you also must take a look at the terracotta artwork, pottery, fine jewelry and other handicrafts. Moreover, the Baluchari sarees are very famous handloom sarees that women buy from there.

These sarees, handicrafts and historic temples depict many mythological stories ofthe Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Distance from Kolkata: 139.1 km

Best Time to Visit: November-February

Places of Attraction: Shyamrai Temple, Rasmanch Temple, Bishnupur Mela, Jorbangla Temple, Madan Mohan Temple and Dalmadal Canon

33. Garhpanchakot

This historic destination lies at the foothills of Panchet. Being part of the 1500-year old Singh Deo dynasty, it has temples of the oldest architectural designs like Pancharatna, Jor-Bangla and Peerha. Adding to the beauty of this place, there are green forests, springs and lakes. it has the perfect package for Weekend trip.

Distance from Kolkata: 256 km

Best Time to Visit: July-October

Places of Attraction: The Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Joychandi Hills, Murardi Lake, Birinchinath Temple, Biharinath Temple and Biharinath Hill

34. Krishnanagar

This historic and cultural destination is famous for being the birthplace of Raja Krishnachandra. If you have an interest in art, you’ll love roaming about the place to see their paintings, pottery, clay dolls, and handloom sarees. Moreover, sweets and festivals are delightful to enjoy, especially if you are a Bengali.

Distance from Kolkata: 112.3 km

Best Time to Visit: August-March

Places of Attraction: The Krishnanagar Rajbari palace, Ranaghat, the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Church, College Bhavan, the Public Library, Anandamoyi Tola Kali Bari, Krishnanagar Academy, Kalna, Mayapur Dham, Ghurni, Shantipur, Nabadwip and Company Bagan

35. Murshidabad

Did you know that this was a capital city during the time of Nawabs and before the British rule began? Due to this reason, you’ll see more of Islamic culture here. Apart from the palaces and mosques, this place is also famous for its silk. If you like historic stories, each and every tourist spot here has one to depict. Murshidabad can be a great weekend destination for those who have an interest in history

Distance from Kolkata: 222.6 km

Best Time to Visit: October-March

Places of Attraction: The Hazarduari Palace, Nasipur Palace, Nizamatlmambara, Jahankosha Cannon, Khosh Bagh, Jafarganj Cemetry and Katra Masjid

36. Jhargram

This city is a religious destination surrounded by lush green forests and hills. Since it away from the main city and filled with different temples, this place just has a serene and spiritual atmosphere. This will rejuvenate you for the next busy week.

Distance from Kolkata: 170.8 km

Best Time to Visit: November-February

Places of Attraction: The Umapati Temple of Shiv, the Kanak Temple of Goddess Durga, the deer park, Kurumbera Fort, Jungle Mahal and the Temple of Sabitri

After a hectic week at work, the city can be noisy and irritating. These little holidays take you away from the hustle bustle and rejuvenate you for the upcoming Monday Blues. Not only do you get to relax, you also tend to discover the hidden beauties of nature. Moreover, you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones too.

Aren’t short trips more convenient for a refreshing weekend?

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