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Weekend Trip from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur


Weekend Trip from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur, a perfect place foe for nature lovers

Are you looking for a peaceful destination for a weekend trip from Kolkata? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page! More popular as a picnic spot, Mukutmanipur is now gaining popularity among short tours in West Bengal.

This place is for true nature lovers. If your eyes love diving into the purity of its surroundings, this place will truly rejuvenate you. If you carry your camera, you might not even need company.

Why Choose Mukutmanipur to Take a Weekend Trip from Kolkata?

264 km away from Kolkata, this town is located in Bankura surrounded by dense forests, hills, lakes and streams. This takes you completely away from the hustle-bustle of the city and the stressful work environment of the week.

Not only that, locals living in these areas are simple and warm-hearted. You’ll find 3 different tribes there – Santal, Munda and Bhumij (Sardar). Whenever you feel like, you should spend time with them. Their local songs and tribal dance performances will be some real entertainment to take away.

Let’s take a look at where else can you go for a quiet time with your company or camera.

Mukutmanipur Dam

Mukutmanipur is actually known for its dam. This earthen dam was created to irrigate fields from the Kumari and Kangsabati rivers to the districts of Bankura, Purulia and Medinipur.

Being 11 km wide and 38 m high, this dam forms a huge lake which covers an area of 86 sq. km. The dam is famous in Bengal for:

  • The mesmerizing beauty of the clear, blue lake and tiny islands in it.
  • Availability of boating in the calm water body.
  • Bird-watching by the water.
  • Beauty of the sunset and moonlit night amidst the lake.
  • Enjoying picnics and photoshoots.

Mukutmanipur Park

Mukutmanipur has another spot for bird-watching, known as the Bonpukuria Deer Park. You’ll find some beautiful, rare species of birds out here.

Normally when you go to forests, you watch animals from a vehicle. In this park, you’ll see plenty of deer even closer to you. If you’re a photographer, I bet you’ll spend time till the park closes at 5.

Nearby Destinations

Mukutmanipur is more of a chilling place than a site-seeing tourist destination. However, if you are willing to do some of it, there are some places very close to the town:

  • The Palace of King Raicharan: It is an extremely old palace where you’ll see the old terracotta work.
  • Parshwanath Tila: It is a stone on which an open temple of Lord Shiva is made. It is very sacred for both Hindus and Jains.
  • The Statue of Pareshnath: This is a stone statue on the Pareshnath hill. This hill has many other similar structures too.
  • Ambikanagar: It is a famous place for Jains for 4 km from the dam. The Ambika Devi Temple, Rajbari Palace and handicrafts made of bamboo & grass are popular here.
  • Jhilimili: This town is for you if you would like to watch tribal dances and buy traditional handicrafts.
  • Bangopalpur Reserve Forest: 2 km from the dam, you’ll see a wide variety of flora and fauna here.

When to Go?

Like I said, Mukutmanipur is a getaway destination, isolated from the city. It’s meant for relaxation, not site-seeing. It’s for breathing fresh air and being close to nature, not resting in the hotel.

So, your ideal time of visit should be when it’s pleasant out there. You won’t enjoy the lake if you’re sweating along.

Now I have two best time periods for you to go and visit:

  • July-August: Monsoon enriches the greenery of the surroundings and brings in a cool breeze. More than that, these are the months when the lock gates of the dam are open.
  • January: Who doesn’t go for picnics in the winter? However, I’m emphasizing this month because that’s when they have a fair in town. You can enjoy their famous date juice, buy some earthen & Dokra handicrafts and watch traditional tribal dance.

How to Go?

264 km is neither too close nor too far. A road journey will be long, 7 hours from Kolkata while a train will be faster. However, you can choose to enjoy a long trip down there in your car. After all, the journey is as beautiful as the destination.

Road Trip from Kolkata

You have an option to take your car or go by bus:

  • Car Journey: The fastest route is via Durgapur. You can also choose to go via Kharagpur, though that will take 30 minutes longer.
  • Bus Journey: You’ll get buses from Dharamtalla leaving at 9. It will take you 2 hours longer.

Trains from Howrah

I’ll only name the best one: the Rupashibangla Express. This train drops you to the nearest station – Bankura. You hire a car or bus from here to reach Mukutmanipur. It is just 45 km away.

Other Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata

Mukutmanipur is a beautiful spot in Bankura, West Bengal. Some other weekend destinations in the district include:

Apart from that, the district of Purulia is also a beautiful one full of lush green forests and hills. Bankura and Purulia are the most popular hilly areas for short tours in West Bengal.

If you visit Mukutmanipur and have a nice experience, do take your next weekend trip from Kolkata to any of these above places. Wouldn’t you like to capture the entire state in your memories?

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