Weekend Trip from Kolkata to Maithon


Do you just need a vacation right now? Well, planning a long one takes time. How about a short weekend trip from Kolkata?

A weekend destination costs less and rejuvenates you for the next week. There are plenty of places in West Bengal you can visit during the weekend. Whether you’re fond of mountains or temples, beaches or forests – the state has a place for every mood.

Situated at the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand, this place is a beautiful picnic spot for peace lovers. The calmness of the lake and greenery of nearby islands & forests makes the surroundings serene. The beautiful temples add to the tranquillity of the place.

Before we check out the place, let’s see how soon can you plan this trip.

What is the Best Time for a Weekend Trip from Kolkata?

Summer is killing in West Bengal, no matter where you go. You wouldn’t like the terrible heat over your head or the sweat on your skin when you travel.

That makes monsoon and winter the ideal time to travel. For Maithon, that’s October-February.

Now again, if you don’t like rains, you’re only left with winter. That is, December-February. Being close to nature as well as surrounded by hills, the winters are nice and chilly here.

Why is Maithon One of the Best Weekend Destinations in West Bengal?

I personally love this place for its diversity. It is a paradise for nature lovers, water babies, and religious people. Moreover, it is so pure and beautiful.

Let’s take a virtual tour to see what you’ll love.

Maithon Dam& Lake

This is what Maithon is actually known for: the dam and the lake. This crystal-clear water body is the actual beauty of this place. Here are some things you need to know about the Maithon dam before you pay your visit:

  • The dam was built by the Damodar Valley Corporation on the meeting point of river Barakar and Damodar.
  • It is 15,712 feet wide and 165 feet high.
  • This dam is also Asia’s first underground hydel-power station that generates 60,000 kW of electricity.
  • You’ll need permits if you want to visit the area where electricity is generated.
  • The lake is a part of this huge water body, which is calm, serene and blue.

There’s no point in coming to Maithon without looking at its most famous spot. Ideally, you should come here in the evening and watch the sunset. If it’s a full moon night, you shouldn’t leave without capturing the beauty of that hour.

This lake is a famous picnic spot for:

  • Enjoying the view of sunset and moonlit nights.
  • Bird-watching.
  • Going for a paddle or hi-speed boat ride.

Maithon Temples

There are 2 very famous temples in Maithon. Even if you’re not a very religious person, you’ll love the peaceful environment there.

  1. Kali Pahari: As the name suggests, this is a temple devoted to Goddess Kali. She was known to be a form of Goddess Durga, who killed many demons. This is why devotees of Ma Durga as well as Ma Kali visit this temple, especially during Durga Puja and Kali Puja.
  2. Kalyaneshwari Temple: This 500-years old temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalyaneshwari. If you’re married and want a child, let me tell you a lot of couples come to this temple to pray for one!

Spoon Island

Also known as Chammach Pahar or Sabuj Deep, this island gets its name from its shape. It is an inverted spoon in the middle of the Maithon Lake.

Even though you can easily go there through a boat, you should go there with a group as well as a guide. This is because the green island is actually a forest full of wild animals. So, unless you’re suicidal or daring, you can’t go there alone!

Deer Park& Millennium Park

At the top of the Maithon dam, surrounded by several streams lies the famous deer park of Maithon. You’ll find at least 50 deer along with many colourful birds.

Now mind you, this is a place for nature lovers only. Photographers can’t get their camera here as photography is prohibited. Of course, if you get lucky, you can capture an image outside the boundaries of the park. Else, these rules demand respect.

If you love animals and greenery, you can spend an entire day here. A quiet time with your loved ones by the trees can be spent here.

When it comes to the millennium park, it is a place to visit during Christmas. You’ll be mesmerized by the flower show they put up at that time.

Which Route is Better: A Road Trip from Kolkata or a Train Journey?

Maithon is 226 km from Kolkata but only 48 km from Dhanbad. Considering 3 routes of travel – road, rail and air, you have the following options:

  • Road:

    If you love driving and are ok with long drives, the route via Durgapur Expressway is smooth and beautiful. If you live in Jharkhand, it’s an easy drive via Asansol for you.

  • Rail:

    If you live in Kolkata, a rail journey will be faster for you. You need to get down at Kumardubi Railway Station. From here, it’s an hour-long journey.

  • Air:

    This only applies to you if you don’t live anywhere in the Eastern Zone. It makes more sense to take a flight to Ranchi as it is the closest airport to Maithon. Kolkata Airport will be far.

Other Places for Short Tours in West Bengal

Like I said, West Bengal has a wide diversity of tourist spots. When it comes to beautiful lakes and islands, you have these weekend destinations in West Bengal:

  • Jamunadighi
  • Bakkhali
  • Henry’s Island
  • Machranga Dweep
  • Mousuni Island

If the weather outside is pleasant while not so pleasant in the office, this is the right time for you to fill up your backpack for the weekend.

A weekend trip from Kolkata can be a spontaneous plan made after you’re done with work and need a break. It’s also an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. If you’ve never planned one before, try it out now!

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