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Baranti, a perfect Weekend Trip from Kolkata

Baranti, a perfect Weekend Trip from Kolkata


How long has it been you went for a short holiday to a weekend destination? Well, if you would like a short tour in West Bengal, Baranti is a nice tourist point in Purulia.  It would be a memorable weekend trip from Kolkata if you are looking for some peace.

A serene village located among the hills in Purulia, this place feels like heaven on Earth after an exhausting week. Whether you live in West Bengal or not, Purulia tour is something a nature lover shouldn’t miss.

Talking of Baranti, pronounced as “Boronti” by Bengalis, the village is home to a tribe called the Santhals. Apart from the lush greenery surrounding the place, the clear blue lake adds to the tranquillity of the atmosphere.

Let’s take a virtual tour here before we plan your itinerary.

The Attractions of Baranti Tourist Point

Baranti is a place for both peace as well as adventure lovers. You can come here with your family as well as friends. Not only is the place quiet and secluded, it has junctions where you can do rock climbing. You can indulge in fishing, bird watching and safaris too.

The Village

Now, when you go to a tribal village, it is always a pleasure to receive a warm welcome from the localists. As you interact with them, you discover rural lifestyle and its closeness to nature.

As you walk along the red roads, you’ll see the mud houses which are painted very beautifully. These roads will lead you to the forest.


The deep green forest is home several trees and shrubs. These includeBamboo shrubs, Sal, Piyal, Amloki, Bahra, Haritoki, Neem, Palash, Teak and Mahua.

Apart from that, the forest is home to several animals which include wild boars, foxes, rabbits, wolves, porcupines, deer and plenty of birds. You’ll also find butterflies in several bright colours.


If you’re young and energetic, you can enjoy a 9 km trek from Baranti to Biharinath hills. Or, you can choose to climb up to the hill top and enjoy the panoramic view of the Purulia hills. The Murardi lake has a splendid view from the top.

Baranti Dam

The creation of the Baranti dam has formed a beautiful lake which is home to a lot of fish. You’ll find Rohu and Katla in abundance here. If you’re a fish lover, just come with your fishing rod and grab a snack from the lake!

Apart from that, there’s an important thing you need to carry here: your camera. You shouldn’t leave without capturing the view at sunrise or sunset. You’ll also get to capture some migratory birds that you just won’t find in cities.

Murardi Lake

This is a clear blue lake in Baranti and one of the most beautiful picnic spots it has. I would suggest you to come here during sunset and spend the night here if the moon is present. a lot of animals and birds from the forest nearby will come here to drink water.

This place can give you a romantic weekend if you have a special someone!

Purulia Tour from Baranti

Baranti is one of the hills among the range in Purulia. There are many places nearby that you can visit from here, specially if you’re here for a longer weekend.

Joychandi Hills

Only 21 km from Baranti, this beautiful spot is famous for the shooting of a Bengali film, Hirok Rajar Deshe, by Satyajit Ray. The main attractions of this place are the Chandi temple and the Semaphore tower.

If you’re lucky to spot the view of a train on the Andra-Asansol line, do capture it before it goes. Also, take your camera to the hill top from where the scenery is spectacular.

Panchet Hills

Baranti is adjutant to the Panchet hills. Garpanchkot, a historic destination at the foot of Panchet hills is just 12 km from here. The famous Panchet dam is at a distance of 22 km from Baranti. The Kashipur Rajbari is 30 km while the Maithon dam is 39 km from here.

These hills a mix of historic structures and modern developments, created without destroying nature. This makes them a must visit for all kinds of travel freaks.

Ayodhya Hills

Ayodhya hills is one of the most popular destinations in the entire district of Purulia. If you’ve taken a day for Purulia tour from Baranti this place is a must visit.

If you’re energetic enough, go till the hill top. You’ll pass through the holy Sita Kunda as well as the Ayodhya dam. However, it is the view from the peak you shouldn’t miss.

Other Nearby Places

Apart from these hills, you can also visit the Biharinath Temple, Kalyaneshwari Temple and Raghunathpur. While temples will interest the religious, shoppers can find amazing silk sarees in Raghunathpur.

Ideal Time for Weekend Trip from Kolkata

The hills are beautiful and quiet all year round. However, they aren’t tall mountains that’ll be pleasant all year round. Summers are hot and dry here. If the weather matters to you, consider the monsoons and winters.

If you’re an animal lover, come here during July-August. Else, monsoon enhances the greenery of this place.

However, you might not like it if it rains when you want to take a tour. This makes February the best time for nature lovers. That’s when flowers bloom and give a red touch to the surroundings.

Modes of Transport

Baranti is just 265 km away from Kolkata. That’s barely 5-6 hours from town. You can take both car or train to go there.

How to Take a Road Trip from Kolkata to Baranti?

If you love driving, just take your car and consider either of the following routes:

  • Take the Durgapur Expressway and go towards Dankuni. From there, you go towards Asansol, taking GT road. You turn left from Neyamat Pur and cross the Desergarh bridge. You’ll reach the Barakar-Purulia road. Take left from Subhash More and pass through Kotaldih, Ramchandrapur and Muradi villages. At last, you’ll reach Baranti.
  • Starting from the same road, you turn towards the Bankura-Purulia road from Durgapur/Raniganj-Megia thermal power station. From there, you’ll pass though Muradi village before you reach Baranti.

Trains Available from Kolkata

Trains are available from Howrah as well as Sealdah that drop you to Muradi station. Baranti is only 6 km from here and transport is easily available for the same. There’s a route via Asansol as well as Kharagpur, both being almost the same.

Other Places to Visit Near Ayodhya Hills

Purulia is a big district and there are several tourist spots for you to discover here. Among the few people who know of Purulia tours, most know of the Ayodhya hills. All places in Purulia are close to each other. Following are some other places you can add to your bucket list:

  • Muruguma
  • Duarsini
  • Biharinath
  • Mukutmanipur
  • Bankura

Sometimes, short holidays work better than a long vacation. Its neither tiring nor a very long break from work. It is just the right amount of time to give yourself a break.

If you reside anywhere in West Bengal, you should consider these weekend trips from Kolkata. Not only the Baranti tourist point, I would suggest you to discover the entire district of Purulia from time to time.

Shall we plan an itinerary now?

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