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Reasons Why Joychandi Pahar Should be Part of Your Purulia Trip



Did you know Satyajit Ray shot one of his films in Joychandi Pahar? The entire district of Purulia is really that beautiful. If you’ve watched “Hirak Rajar Deshe”, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This mountain is 800 ft tall and is surrounded by Ayodhya Hills and other ranges of the Purulia district. If you want to take a weekend trip from Kolkata, this place is 263 km away. You can choose to spend the whole weekend here or make it part of your Purulia trip.

Travelling at Joychandi Pahar: Trek or a Normal Trip?

Getting here is not so difficult. You can take a road trip from Kolkata to Joychandi either via NH2 or Bankura. If you’re not fond of driving, you can take a train from Howrah to Asansol. From there, you’ll get a train to the nearest station from Joychandi Pahar.

Now once you arrive, you have 2 options: take a normal trip or go for a trek. The popular tourist spots Joychandi Pahar is known for are all on the hilltop.

Joychandi Pahar treks are popular in Purulia. This is because it also has facilities for rock climbing. Moreover, the trek here isn’t very long and so is good for beginners.

Now, if Joychandi Pahar isn’t the only place you’re staying at, a normal trip might be better. That is, if you’re on a Purulia tour, hiring a car will be less tiring. The section below might explain better as to how you should plan this trip.

The Beauty Spots of Joychandi

I wouldn’t name plenty of places here. This is a weekend destination which has scenic beauty and silence to enjoy the most. Even though it’s small, it’s worth the visit you pay.

There are 3 beautiful destinations that attract tourists to this hill. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Chandi Mata Temple

There are 520 steps that you’ve got to climb to reach this temple! This is one of the main reasons why I say that trekking is a good option if you have stamina.

The temple lies on the hill top where you don’t only go to worship, but also capture the panoramic view of Purulia. You’ll see green hills dotted with blue lakes and streams. It is mesmerizing to stand still and feel the vibe of the place.

The Watchtower

Now I know 520 steps to a temple can be tiring as hell. I can barely climb two floors, which isn’t more than 25 steps!

To the rescue, there’s a watchtower in the middle of these stairs. That’s the advantage of building structures on a hill. You build steps and roads both over the slope!

Just take a detour to this place. Not only will you get some rest, but your eyes will get a treat too. The view of the mountains from this watchtower is no less beautiful. If you own a professional camera, give it the opportunity to capture this view for you.


2 km from the main Pahar lies the town of Raghunathpur. This place is famous for its silk factories. Tourists visiting Joychandi often come here. It is a nice learning experience.

You can even pick up some silk from the weavers there. Imagine how much bargaining power you’ll hold in a factory that makes one of the most expensive fabrics!

Another reason for visiting this town is something I told you right in the beginning. Yes, the shooting of “Kirak Rajar Deshe” by Satyajit Ray took place in this town. For a Bengali tourist, this place is fascinating to visit.

Best Time for This Weekend Trip from Kolkata

Well, hills are always cool and pleasant. However, that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t have its impact here. Since the mountain isn’t very high, it does get hot here.

Do you like rains? If yes, you can choose to come here in the monsoon. The grey sky, black clouds and lush green surroundings will be a beauty to look at. Even the lakes and streams will be full of fresh water.

Now, there’s a high chance you might not like getting wet while you’re travelling. Winters can get too cold in the hills, but if you enjoy it, you can come right when the monsoon ends.

However, the best time of the year is spring. Along with the dense greenery, there’s a beautiful red carpet formed by the Palash flowers. When they bloom, you’ll feel like being in paradise.

So, you have 3 good options:

  • August-October: It is monsoon. That’s pleasant,dark and green.
  • November-January: It is winter. It gets cold but comfortable enough with the sun.
  • February-March: This is spring, when Palash flowers enrich the beauty of this place.

Other Weekend Destinations for Purulia Trip

It is any day more reasonable to take one tour to different places in Purulia than going one at a time. Of course, it depends on how much energy you have. In one weekend, you can cover 2-3 places maximum.

Close to Joychandi Pahar, you can see the following places:

  • Garpanchkot: It is the closest, only 21 km away from Joychandi.
  • Murardi Lake: This clear blue water body is 28 km from the foot of the hill.
  • Maithon: The lake is just 45 km away.
  • Susunia Hill: This destination lies at a distance of 49 km.
  • Biharinath Hill: This hill is also 49 km away from Joychandi.
  • Ayodhya Hills: The most popular range of Purulia lies at a distance of 85 km from Joychandi.

So, we see there are at least 7 places in Purulia all close to each other. Within a month, you can cover the entire district if you’re that much of a travel freak.

Trust me, you plan one place here, you’ll end up planning visits to other places automatically. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation; you simply take multiple weekend trips from Kolkata. That not only freshens you up, but also saves on your leaves!

Visit the Joychandi Pahar for once, the view of the entire district will make you plan a Purulia trip for the rest of the month. What say, shall we look up for hotel bookings?


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