Street food of Kolkata

Street Food of Kolkata

Top 17 Dishes of Street Food in Kolkata:

Is your mouth watering for puchka or jhaal muri when I’m talking about the street food of Kolkata? They’re the most popular dishes that anyone outside the city knows. However, if you’re a foodie, you’re definitely looking for more. Here’s a Kolkata food guide to satisfy the tongue along with the tummy.

Whether your taste is spicy, sweet or sour, the best food for you awaits on the streets of Kolkata. I love street food in every city, but when someone comes to Kolkata, I make sure they eat in my favourite places here. So, let’s take a look at what you can gather on your plate when you go for a Kolkata food walk.

The Famous & Mouth-Watering Street Food of Kolkata

1. Puchka

Open your mouth as widely as you can to put one puri in it. This sour and spicy dish consists of smashed potato with chana and water made of imli and phudina. The two are put in a huge puri and can be enjoyed with some extra pieces of chilli, sweet pakori and onions.

The best places to try it: New Alipore, Vivekananda Park, Northern Park, Triangular Park, Bhawanipore, Victoria Memorial and Russel Street.


2. Churmur

Crush the puchka you know and mix it with imli chutney to have a sweet, sour and spicy chaat. This cruchy dish will be made by the same puchka wala after you’re done opening your mouth wide to fit in big puris.

The best places to try it: Most puchka wala make amazing churmuri but Bhawanipore and Southern Avenue will have the best lot.


3. Ghugni

This is one of the healthiest street foods you can opt for. Made with boiled yellow chick peas, it is topped with tomatoes, onions, coriander, lemon, green chillies, chutneys and spices.

The best places to try it: Vardaan Market, New Market, Shibuji and Dacres Lane


4. Jhal Muri

Now that is a healthy snack for you when you’re roaming here and there. Muri is actually puffed rice. When you mix it with vegetables, lemon, spices, chutney and a little bit of vegetable oil, you get Kolkata’s famous jhal muri.

The best places to try it: Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Triangular Park, Bhawanipore and Lord Sinha Road


5. Bhel Puri

A sweeter and spicier version of jhaal muri added with sev and puri, this dish is different in Kolkata from Mumbai. The same guy also keeps bread to serve you a different “toast”. The ingredients of bhel puri are all topped on bread except the muri to give you a delicious snack. Sev purri is another tasty dish which has puri instead of bread.

The best places to try it: New Alipore, Maidan, Victoria Memorial and Lake Road


6. Singhara

Popularly known as samosa, this fried dish originates from Kolkata’s streets. The potato stuffing gives you a filling snack with tea or coffee to enjoy them more. If you’re fonder of non veg, you can ask for a mutton or chicken stuffing too.

The best places to try it: Tiwari Brothers, Sharma Tea Stall, Aun Tea Stall and Bara Bazaar


7. Momos

Go to north Kolkata if you’re a momo fan. The Tibetan dish has gained immense popularity in Kolkata. Not only street joints, you can check out the most famous chain, Wow Momo in Kolkata that has innovative momo dishes such as momo burger, tandoori momo and momo au gratin.

The best places to try it: Sikkim House, China Town, Tiretti Bazar and Thao Thao (in Salt Lake)


8. Ghoti Gorom

Another chatpata snack you can carry anywhere you want, this dish is made of chanachur, onions, raw mango, lemon or amra and green chillies. It’s a light snack to have while you’re on your way to home.

The best places to try it: Tollygunge, Bongaon, Habra and Princep Ghat

9. Alu Kabli

This hot and spicy try is more abundantly available during Durga Puja. It is the yummiest form of boiled potato you can have without any Indian bread or rice. Made in tamarind pulp and topped with onions, tomatoes and green chilies, one dish is a filling snack and a healthier option than fried dishes.

The best places to try it: Surya Sen Street


10. Kachori

When you don’t want to eat healthy but need a filling snack to hog on, along with singharas, get some kachoris too. This too has potato stuffing with a mix of various spices. It is sweet and spicy in most places.

The best places to try it: Ganguram


11. Telebhaja

If you enjoy having pakoras on a cold, wet evening, you will surely enjoy this fried snack too. Onion rings, potato, eggplant, pumpkin and Bombay duck are covered in cornflour to give you a yummy fried snack.

The best places to try it: College Street, Bara Bazaar and Park Street.


12. Kathi Roll

Want to have a quick meal? Kathi roll is the best option for you then. If you’re new to Kolkata, please don’t leave the city without trying this out. Your favorite stuffing is rolled in a chapati which you can eat even while you’re walking. For vegetarians, there’s potatoes, cottage cheese, onions, chilies and little veggies in your filling. Non-veg lovers can enjoy eggs and chicken.

The best places to try it: Park Street, New Market, Triangular Park, and College Street


13. Tea

You must be wondering that tea can be made at home, too right? Well, let me tell you the way vendors on the streets of Kolkata serve tea is something you can’t enjoy in a sophisticated cup. You’ll enjoy watching them make tea with ginger or cardamom and serve it in a “bhaand”. Lemon tea is also served by many.

The best places to try it: Arun Tea Stall, Calcutta Stock Exchange, and Sharma Tea Stall


14. Idli / Dosa

I know this is something any south Indian restaurant will serve you. However, if you like it cheesy, have the cheesiest dosa for only Rs 50/- on the streets. Many will serve you cheese idli with schezwan masala too.

The best places to try it: St. Xaviers Back Gate, Bhawanipore College, and Calcutta Stock Exchange


15. Borof Kulfi

If you’ve had malai kulfi in Mumbai, you have a slight idea of what I’m talking about. In Kolkata, you get fruit flavor kulfi, way tastier than malai kulfi. If you’re a fruit lover, this dessert is a must-try for you.

The best places to try it: Shibuji


16. Chhanar Jilipi

Chhana is a popular ingredient for Bengali sweets. A sweet that looks like jalebi and feels like gulab jamun, this juicy sweet dish will water your mouth when you see it getting made. Another dessert for sweet teeth.

The best places to try it: Golpark and College Street


17. Keemar Doibora

Are you a curd lover? Then this is the right dish for you! This dish is apt for a meal in the hot summer due to the coolness of yogurt. Bada is made to sink in a pool of curd and topped with spices and chilly powder to give you a delicious experience.

The best places to try it: Bara Bazaar


Hope that made you decide your menu for the days you’re up for street food in Kolkata. If you’re already hungry, I bet you’ll step out to grab the dish that tempted you the most.

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