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A Weekend Trip to Susunia


A Weekend Trip from Kolkata to Remember: Susunia Hill Trek

Have you had an adventurous weekend trip from Kolkata? If not, you’ve got to try the Susunia Hill Trek. Right in the middle of the district of Bankura, this place will pump you up as you climb the rocks. The soothing, green surroundings are enough to relax you when you’re tired.

Of course, you can take a normal, relaxing trip there too. However, Susunia Hills are a lot more famous for trekking. If you’re young at heart, this trek will be very easy and very exciting for you!

Why Go for Susunia Hill Trek?

When we talk about mountains or hills in West Bengal, most people know only about the northern part of West Bengal: Darjeeling and nearby hill stations. However, there are less colder hills towards the South in the districts of Purulia and Bankura.

Susunia has a different beauty from the mountains in north Bengal. They’re all hills, shorter than mountains. So, they’re always green and colourful in spring. I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should trek here instead of the cold mountains in the north:

  1. Susunia is 1,442 feet high. This makes it easy to trek for a beginner.
  2. A lot of professional trekkers actually began from this very hill.
  3. Apart from trekking, there’s rock climbing here too.
  4. Since it’s not a national tourist destination yet, you’ll find it a lot quieter than the popular hill stations.
  5. You’ll see breath-taking beauty here of streams, waterfalls, rivers, historic architecture and greenery. In fact, there are also many medicinal plants you’ll discover.

Susunia Pahar Travel Guide

This trek is way different from snow-covered mountains. It’s easy for even small groups to cover. You’re not going to need very thick jackets or thermal here. What you’ll explore will be varieties of herbs & trees, clear streams & rivers, historic structures and art.

Susunia Hill Waterfall, Spring& River

I love hills where I get to see streams. In cities, you only get to see polluted rivers & ponds or the gutter. However, here the water is pure.

There are 3 water bodies here that will enchant you:

  1. Nohkalikhali Falls: When you climb to the hill top, you’ll find a beautiful waterfall. It is surrounded by lush greenery and you won’t see one but several streams of water flowing down. Do go there with your camera, the bird’s eye view is worth capturing.
  2. The Holy Spring:If you visit the Narasimha Stone, you’ll observe water flowing out of it. Named after Lord Narasimha, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, the stone is the most ancient of structures. Geologists are still trying to find out the exact source of water of this miraculous spring.
  3. The Gandheswari River: A tributary of the Dwarakeswar River, it flows south-west of Susunia and north of the district. It is 32 km long, meeting its mother near Bhutsahar.

Nearby Villages & Temples

Susunia is a historic and cultural place, very rich in art. I’ll mention 4 villages for you, 2 for the historic side and 2 for the cultural side:

  1. Hadal and Narayanpur: They are twin villages on the bank of Bodai river. You’ll find beautiful terracotta temples here. They are the Barataraf, the Mejotaraf and the Chhototaraf. You’ll see a beautiful representation of Lord Vishnu in the temples of Mejotaraf and Chhototaraf. Its panels have stunning terracotta artwork. Barataraf has a Rasmancha at its entrance.
  2. Netkamla and Bindhyajam: Once you see terracotta on structures, its time you take some of it home too. In these villages, you’ll find Dokra craftsmen showcasing their creativity. You’ve probably only known about India having the best handicrafts. When you see it here, you’ll end up buying it for yourself too.

Biharinath Trek

Biharinath is the highest hill in Bankura, with a height of 1,480 feet. If you plan your trip a day longer, you’ll have a blast camping here. On one side, you have the view of the hills of Purulia and the other side has the flowing river of Damodar.

This beauty is only 29 km away from Susunia and worth the travel. You’ll get to do some rock-climbing here too. The view of the surrounding hills, thin streams and colourful flowers is just mesmerizing.

Bishnupur Sightseeing

Almost 64 m from Susunia, this is the historic town of terracotta artwork and silk sarees. You’ll see it in every handicraft and temple out there. It’s not on the hill top, but part of the district of Bankura.

The temples are mostly dedicated to Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Close to the Madan Mohan temple, you have a fair called the Bishnupur Mela held in the Poush month.

You can extend your trip here if this is the time you go to Susunia. It is a lot closer to Kolkata, so your journey back becomes shorter and simpler too.

Best Time for the Weekend Trip from Kolkata

When do you like to go for day trips or picnics? Obviously, when the weather is amazing. However, you also see the beauty of the place in a particular season, since that’s when you enjoy it at its best. This applies to places close to nature, of course.

The hills of Bankura are in their prettiest form in winter and spring. Not only is the greenery a lot denser, you’ll find the beautiful flowers of Palash and Shimul creating a red carpet over a green backdrop.

Modes of Transport

When a place is as close as 203 km, you either need a car or a train to travel. Though both are equally sufficient, I have always loved road journeys more than train. Yet, I’ll tell you about both.

Road Trip from Kolkata

If you’re taking a car, the best route is via NH19, where you cross Bardhhaman and Durgapur. Once you reach Purulia, you’re close to the destination. I’ll give you 3 reasons to take a car on a trek:

  • The journey till Susunia is beautiful and obviously has no options for trekking.
  • You can take care of your luggage and health if you have your own car.
  • It will be easier for you to extend your trip to other parts of Bankura.

If you don’t like driving but like road journeys, you have buses till Susunia from Durgapur. You can take one from Kolkata till there first and then switch. Though, I must say that might be tiring and long.

Trains from Howrah

If you choose to take a train, you need to get down at Chatna, a station in Purulia which is only 9 km from Susunia. You can hire a car to get there. This will give you an experience of car journey, trekking and rock climbing in the hills.

Other Destinations for Short Tour in West Bengal

Bankura is a culturally rich place with immense natural beauty soothing the eyes. The nearest district growing popularity for day and weekend trips from Kolkata is Purulia. Purulia tour will consist of the following destinations:

While the Susunia Hill trek and Biharinath Hill Trek are adventurous yet mesmerizing trips in West Bengal, these are a lot more relaxing holidays. If you’re yet to discover the natural beauties of the state, plan your weekend trip from Kolkata to these districts first. You can thank me later if your experience is as memorable as mine!

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