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Muruguma dam – Purulia: The Best Weekend Getaway from Kolkata

Murguma Dam

Are you looking for a secluded weekend getaway from Kolkata? How about only 375 km from the city in Purulia, Muruguma?

Muruguma is a tribal village situated at the border of the Purulia district in West Bengal and Jharkhand. You can see the view of the famous Ayodhya Hills in Purulia.

Purulia is a district in West Bengal with many tourist destinations. Muruguma is one of the most beautiful spots visited during the Purulia tour. Let’s see what is hidden in there!

Ideal Time for a Weekend Getaway from Kolkata to Purulia

If the weather is important to you when you’re traveling, winter is the ideal time for short tours in West Bengal. In Muruguma, the temperature drops to 3°C at night. if you enjoy such chilly nights, just go there during December-January.

However, if you can’t take too much of cold or are more interested in the beauty of the place, you should consider spring.

During late March, the place blooms red Palash flowers that just enrich the beauty of the place.

Even if you go in the monsoon, you’ll find the greenery to be lusher and the winds to be pleasant.

How to Reach Muruguma?

Muruguma dam isn’t as close as the rest of Purulia from Kolkata. It is in fact quite close to Jharkhand. If you like long drives, you can always opt for traveling to this weekend getaway from Kolkata by road. Else there are 2 ways to by train:

  • From Howrah station, you’ll get a train till Purulia station. Muruguma is 55 km away from the main town of Purulia. Or,
  • You can take a train to Muri station from Howrah. Once you get down there, it is only a 35-km journey to Muruguma.

What to do in Muruguma?

Now, we get to the actual point. What is really there to see or do when you reach Muruguma?

Frankly speaking, a day in Muruguma is enough. You’ll get plenty of good resorts there to enjoy your stay. So, here’s what you can do in the day:

Go to the Kenkechi Hill

This is the place you begin your journey from. All the tourist spots, forests, villages and resorts are located in this region. In order to reach the hill, you’ll have to cross a small mound. Then, you walk along a village road to reach the destination.

Sit by the Muruguma Dam & Lake 

Muruguma is known for its pure and calm lake. The blue water and green surroundings make it one of the most peaceful picnic spots. You can spend time boating, fishing and bird-watching by the lake. It is an ideal destination for family as well as couples.

The Muruguma dam is a tributary of the Kangsabati river. It is pretty deep, so it’s better to adore the beauty of this dam from outside. Watching the sunset leading to a beautiful full moon night would be a cherry on the cake.

Trek into the Dense Forests

At a distance of 2 km from the lake, lies the route to the deep forests in Purulia. You’ll find plenty of colourful birds as well as foxes. It is quite an adventure you can think of doing in such a secluded area!

Enjoy the Culture of the Tribal Villages

In Purulia, most villages have tribal communities. What you’ll enjoy the most is their performance of the Chau dance. It is a popular form of dance performed with hand-made masks. If you’re interested in art, you’ll surely enjoy looking at how they’re made.

Other Nearby Attractions

Muruguma is very close to the Ayodhya Hills. Mostly, people stay at the Ayodhya Hills and come to Muruguma for a day tour. Other places you can visit nearby include:

  • Girguri Waterfalls
  • Ukumburra Hills
  • Pakhi Pahar
  • Bamni Waterfalls
  • Turga Waterfalls
  • Deulghata Temple
  • Tarpania Lake
  • Khairaberia Lake
  • Charida Mask Village

Muruguma is one of the best weekend destinations you can enjoy, even if you wish for only a picnic. If you wish for a slightly long road trip from Kolkata, this will be a choice you won’t regret.

You should consider these short trips if you don’t work on Saturdays. Life has become so stressful that one long vacation doesn’t suffice to keep you going. Escaping to these weekend getaways from Kolkata from time to time can keep you energized and fresh for the next busy day.


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